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Thursday, 20 June 2019

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Party Day!

First, parents, thank you for entrusting your child with me this year. It has been incredibly fun, fast, and memorable. I hope I created a firm, wonderful foundation for their future education.

We finished our last Calendar Wall template and took home the book. We also did our last Minute Math and that came home as well. Then more paperwork was given, the afternoon packages the students worked on after agendas. 

Thank you, everyone, for the food and accessory contributions to the party. Everything was delicious and appreciated.

Tomorrow - full uniform and school is done at noon, but feel free to take your child home after the awards and getting report cards.

Happy Summer

Mrs. Autio
Grade One

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Track and Field Day

Today, 4 of our students represented our school at the Dufferin Track Meet. We will get updates tomorrow.

We cleaned out folders today, a year's worth of work across the curriculum. The students sat with very wide eyes at the pile of paperwork they did over the year. Yes, we have been busy, busy busy.

Tomorrow, we will clean out the bins and hand back even more work so be ready for lots of stuff.

Don't forget the party from 1:30-2:30. 

Have a great evening.

Mrs. Autio
Grade One

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Tuesday, June 18, 2019


Today, the students started bringing home notebooks and spelling packages that were used throughout the year. 

We had fun playing headbands with animals. This was a great way to ask questions and sum up our unit of biomes. 

During Gym, we played at the playground because the gym is off limits for the graduation ceremony. 

We also shared our biome flip-books with each other. 

Be ready for more paperwork tomorrow. We have been very, very busy this year. 

Mrs. Autio
Grade One

Monday, 17 June 2019

Monday, June 17, 2019

Another Fantastic Day in Grade One

Go Raptors!!! We the North!!

I live streamed the Raptors Celebration so the students could see the massive crowd cheering our team. 

We played subtraction Bingo again. The students really love this game. 

We learned about scripts today and read 4 scripts in groups. The students chose which one they would read and two presented today. Two more will present tomorrow. Now that it's the end of Grade One, most students should have confidence in their reading skills. 

We watched a Bill Nye video about vertebrates. It was cool. 

Have a super evening.

Mrs. Autio
Grade One

Friday, 14 June 2019

Friday, June 14, 2019

Kiki's Kitty

Today, we worked with the sentence 'Kiki's kitty is a(n) ________________ kitty.' The students were tasked with filling in the blank with adjectives from A to Z. This took two days and then we read the responses. Fun times.

We played subtraction Bingo. This makes the students pay attention and look for the answer. 

Later, we read and sang our poems we have collected over the year. Lastly, we celebrated July and August Birthdays, including Elizabeth, Hailey and Hollie. 

Have a super weekend.

Mrs. Autio
Grade One